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Which Electrical Certificate Do you Need?

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Electrical testing is often a sought after service due to the number of electrical devices and appliances in residential and commercial buildings. Regular and proper electrical testing and portable appliance testing (PAT Testing) is important for safety procedures and insurance purposes.

The electrical testing process
This is the process of inspecting electrical equipment and devices to make sure they work safely in line with their guidelines. Visual inspections and operational inspections are carried out to make sure there are no symptoms of problems and degradation. Any appliance which needs electricity to run can be tested, from computers, kettles, toasters, microwaves, electric cookers to lamps, extension leads and lights – any device, equipment or appliance in any room of your home or building you can think of can likely be tested.

There are four main types of certificates and reports you should know of:
1. Portable Appliance Testing Certificate
This involves a qualified electrician technician – usually NICEIC or ECA registered, will check that appliances within your property are completely safe and adhere to industry standard regulations. Information such as serial numbers, brand and model, voltage, fuse and insulation resistance ratings should be expected. After the test, the technician should complete a PAT form and offer the results and electrical test certificate to you.

2. Electrical Installation Condition Report
This was formerly known as a Periodic Inspection Report and involves your electrical technician checking an existing installation against IET Wiring Regulations and national safety standards. Poor installations should quickly be spotted from signs of wear and tea and temperamental performance. This type of report is extremeley important to highlight health and safety risks.

3. Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate
After an emergency lighting installation, change or addition to a current emergency lighting system, this certificate type is needed.
Factors such as compliance to design and Code of Practice will be covered in this certificate as well as an assessment towards the levels of construction and system deviation.
4. Fire Alarm System Inspection Service Reports
Often conducted quarterly or annually, this certificate checks the effectiveness of your fire alarm systems to make sure there are no vulnerabilities which could lead to significant harm and danger. The functionality of alerting any residents or occupants must be working to the highest of standards for effective warning in the event of a fire. A full list of performance observations will be noted as well as recommendations and potential danger and liability.

Make sure the business or contractor you hire are fully qualified and are thorough in their processes of carrying out the testing and reports. When it comes to electrical testing certificates, experience is also important as well as the use of the latest testing equipment. You are at full rights to make sure the technician you use fulfils all of the aforementioned testing elements and criteria.

Local Electrician London’s Guide To Electrical Testing

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The Importance of Electrical Testing

Electrical testing is definitely advised for any residential or commercial property type of any age be it traditional or new build. The various electrical testing certificates and reports you can have a technical produce do serve various purposes. Ultimately the health and safety of employees and tenants should not be overlooked even though electrical testing is not a legal requirement.


Prevent any possibility of danger

Electrical danger is a possibility and regular inspections and testing are the best way to prevent harm, whilst adhering to Electricity at Work Regulations and any Insurance agreements or policies. Preventative measures to stop electric shocks, fires and fatal injuries from occurring can all spurn from effective, properly conducted electrical testing. Inspections ensure the condition of various electricity-dependent systems, appliances and devices are in great condition so if you’re a landlord or a tenant you don’t have to worry.


Landlords’ Electrical Testing Services

If you are a landlord, electrical service companies such as Local Electrician who conduct reports for many Local Estate Agents across London, can at your convenience collect your keys to access your property and carry out an inspection report on a periodic basis. If the local electrician you choose is good and qualified, you won’t have to worry about missing details or incomplete report documentation. Every system, circuit and appliance will be inspected thoroughly and reviewed in detail.


P.A.T. Testing From Socket to Lead

Although the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require electrical equipment with the potential to cause injury to be maintained in a safe condition, there are no specific standard checklists for the examination itself. However you should expect for Portable Appliance Testing should to include careful user checks of appliance components – from the leads, plugs, connectors and the very appliance itself, versus any product specifications or model documentation. Note frequency of tests such as this will depend on the type of equipment and environment it is used in.


Professional electricians and technicians every time!

Electrical testing may sound easy but it does require technical knowledge and expertise. Making sure your full report is included within your electrical certificate is  a good measure to make sure the testing you’ve paid for is proper.


Book it in, it can be straightforward and hassle free

Although inspections and electrical testing can be thought of as a hassle or disruptive to the home or work environment, there are many local electrical technicians who are flexible to provide their service around your schedule.