Electrical systems within any building can be quite complex and any work to minimise risk and fault should be considered. Our team of qualified expert electricians know this and work diligently to make sure your home is completely safe, complies to all building and wiring regulations and that your electricity supply is designed and set up for optimal efficiency so you can benefit from the savings. Whatever it is you are planning, get in touch with us and we will focus on your requirements and use our qualified, credible experience to satisfy your needs.

We had a home development project and needed our electrics to be reconfigured into our newly extended kitchen and outdoor patio garden. The company coordinated with our builders really knew what they were doing. The work they did was seamless and project coordination was impressive. Our kitchen is looking great and we’re really happy with how our patio lighting has turned out.

Full Building Electrics

We run full system checks so you know how to distribute power effectively.

  • Power system quality and reliability checks
  • Safety audits and appliance services

Electrical Lighting Systems

Certified lighting designers and installers at hand to help.

  • Light control systems with user technology integration
  • Safety audits and appliance services

Electrical Security Systems

Our service expertise also covers next generation security solutions for any home, building or office

  • Access and door entry, burglary alarm systems, wireless alarms, CCTV camera and remote monitoring

Be it domestic, public sector and commercial buildings, our experience in all electrical systems and configuration types is what makes us stand out from other more ordinary electricians across London. If are planning a home improvement project feel free to call us. Our depth and breadth of electrical expertise is great and useful for any task you may have in mind no matter how small or large in scale.