Along with expertise in electrical services we have specialists in plumbing who can assist you with any plumbing emergencies or development work you are planning. Having worked on thousands of properties over the past 30 years we know that electrical and plumbing projects often overlap. Our London plumbing services are conducted by our own specialist team who are just as qualified as our electricians and provide the same high quality service levels we internally drive. Our plumbers work in a way which always complies to UK building regulations and standards whilst also focusing on the most effective and efficient solution for our customers’ time and budget. Reliability, professionalism, care and attention to our customers is what you can expect from the team.

“Our boiler was in need of repair as we couldn’t afford a replacement. Having looked around online we found you and decided to give you a call. After our call we were reassured and booked our call out. Ronnie was the plumber that helped us and he was fantastic. Did a really good job.”

Boilers and Heating

We know the importance of regular boiler servicing, preventing potential hazards and achieving energy efficiency. Our Gas Safe registered engineers can help with: – Testing & Checks – checking boiler controls, flues and fumes, gas pressure, seals, leaks and corrosion – Full inspections – a full service to check every single component of your boiler using advanced equipment We also have great knowledge in electric boilers and heating systems, whatever you need we’re here to help.

Plumbing Installations

From audits and checks for all plumbing setups, faucets and room types. – Residential and Commercial Systems – we cover work for any building type, plumbing system or water tank – Repairs and Fixes – every water dependent room, outflow connection and element of your plumbing can be tested and fixed long-term

Drainage System Repairs

Drainage services to help you maintain a clean and protected home or building. – Drain Cleaning – we analyse the cause of clogging or blocking and provide the best cleaning service solutions and preventative measures – Drainage Repairs – fully able to repair damaged internal/ external drains and affected networks with industry standard equipment and structural soft or patch lining – Drainage Replacements – effective diagnosis and long standing, affordable replacements to collapsed, inaccessible pipes with minimal dig techniques

Baths, Showers and Toilets

Our plumbers can help you with any room and component which depends on your plumbing system. – Bathrooms & Showers – we assess room designs and schematics to install, repair and optimise water flow and prevent overflow and issues with waste outlets – Kitchens – we can help with water line configurations, design considerations and repairs – Toilets and Utility rooms – expert knowledge and plumbing for faucets and any brand of appliance

Leaks and Pipework

Instant same day call outs for emergencies for any plumbing problem which needs attention. – Water Leaks – we’ll find your problem using the latest techniques to check isolation valves, conduct system flushes and more so you get a fix which is not short term – Burst Pipes – immediate call outs and full scale repairs for pipes causing excessive water loss and financial cost.

Guttering and Downpipes

We know all about how water circulates through any residential or commercial building and service gutters and down pipes too. – Leaking or Overflowing Gutters – degradation symptom checks along with the right and safe long term fixes – Gutter and Downpipe maintenance – we present you technically robust solutions that also accompany the aesthetic and functionality of your home.

Our plumbing team on are call for any postcode in London and Greater London. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs and know that we are one of the leading plumbing service companies in London offering excellent, qualified, credible service and flexibility around your budget and time.

– From audits and checks to all types of gas and boiler related work

– Experienced and fully qualified to service, install and repair boilers

– All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered qualified.

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